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Disciple-Making Training 

There are many different approaches to disciple-making, including discipleship courses and disciple-making materials, most of these have a teaching focus; however, the objective of  1 2 1 is to equip one to one disciple-makers who are able to effectively disciple others and in turn produce disciple-makers.

1 2 1 training is designed to provide disciple-makers with discipling making skills and to help them understand the disciple-making process 

1 2 1  provides ongoing support and training to assist those engaged in the  disciple-making process


        1 2 1 Disciple-Making Video Training 

          consists of five videos and a workbook 



The Traveller's Guidebooks

This video introduces the Traveller's Guidebooks. A series of booklets  designed to be used for one-two-one disciple making.These booklets focus is on establishing new believers as disciples. 

Unlike many new Christians courses that aim at teaching the basics of the Christian faith, The Traveller's Guidebooks seek to engage the new believer in a discipling relationship with someone who is committed to the disciple making process and who can help them on their new journey as a follower of Jesus.



A Strategy For Disciple Making

This video presents a disciple making starategy designed to help establish disciple making as the focus of growing mature believers.




The  Disciple Making Relationship

This video explores the relationship bertween the disciple maker and the disciple. The video provides the disciple maker with skills to help them become more effective in disciple making.

Restoring Disciples

This video seeks to equip the dsiciple maker in basic counselling skills in order to enable them to help the restoration and recovery of wounded disciples.