Enriching relationships

Our courses designed to enrich and strengthen relationships


These courses have been designed for seminars and small groups. 


Course topics include:


  • "Flourishing Families"

This course is designed to equip families with practical skills to enrich and strengthen family relationships.

It includes subjects such as, roles and responsibilities, understanding the different love languages, meeting the emotional needs of family members, communication and conflict resolution skills.

This course also includes a spiritual focus on releasing families from spiritual and emotional bondage.


  • "Enriching Relationships"

This course is designed to strengthen relationships. It includes practical relationship skills including; understanding different personalities, dealing with anger, resolving conflicts, listening skills and providing emotional and spiritual support.

(Relevant to married couples, families, church communities and organizations)


  • "Restoring Broken Relationships"

This course  focuses on restoring and healing broken relationships. It includes understanding the causes of broken relationships. It identifies spiritual and emotional roots that have resulted in spiritual strongholds in the relationship. The course provides Biblical principles that can be applied to bring healing and release from these bondages. 




What is the content of your courses?

Our courses  are designed to engage the participants in active learning. 
They include discussion, role plays, and multi-media.

The courses have a practical application and also a spiritual dynamic.

Course content is based on applying Biblical principles to life situations.

We focus on training "facilitators" who are equipped to teach these courses to others.


What do you mean by "facilitators"?

Facilitators include those who have participated in the course and have been approved to teach the course in the church or organisation that they are involved in e.g connect group leaders, family pastors.


Do you provide notes and workbooks?
Course handbooks are provided and online resources are available.


What is the duration of each course?

The time duration of our courses is flexible. We adapt the length of the course to fit in with your needs. On average each course includes 4 sessions of around 2 hrs each to complete.


What is the cost of each course?

The cost of each course is negotiable. We can either charge per person for those attending the course or charge for a group.

We prefer to conduct our courses with groups up to 25 people in order to facilitate meaningful interaction. 

Cost guide: $100 per person $150  per couple, $2000 for a group of 25  

Course registration includes membership of Perspectives International and access to online resources.

(Please note the cost is flexible as we take into consideration the financial means of the church or organization)


How do we book this course for our organisation?

Follow this link to our booking page or email us at inquiries@perspectivesint.com


Do you conduct these courses overseas?

Yes, depending on our schedule we are available to conduct these courses overseas.







My husband Johnny and myself Elaine have been married for almost 20 years, over recent times we have faced some difficult struggles in our family.

Through the gentle and caring ministry from both husband and wife and their sensitivity, we experienced the healing touch of the Holy Spirit and the burdens we were experiencing were lifted. 

We are very thankful for the powerful ministry of Ps Chris and Kerry and hope we can be used as role models of what the Lord can do to heal and restore broken families.


The Ooi Family

GTPJ 2018