Empowering for effective ministry

Empowering  modules

Module 1 A Biblical Model of Leadership
This course focuses on understanding leadership from a Biblical perspective.
The course considers some of the New Testament teachings on the nature of the church and the function of leadership in this context.
Module 2 Building Teams
This course focuses on strategies for building a strong and effective leadership team. It includes understanding the different personalities and leadership styles. Identifying motivational gifts in leaders and empowering leaders to lead.
Module 3 The Servant Model of Leadership
This course is designed to help leaders as servants. 
Effective leadership involves raising up leaders and empowering them to serve others. This course provides strategies to help leaders cultivate and develop servant leaders who will themselves develop servant leaders.
Module 4 Caring for one another
This course focuses on the spiritual and emotional well being of leaders. It is designed to help leaders set personal boundaries and practise self-care. The course also looks at the leaders family and relationships to ensure that they are being cared for and protected.


What is the format of these modules?

These modules are designed to be interactive, including discussion, role plays and scenarios. They have a "workshop" approach that involves participants contributing ideas and sharing their own experiences. 

The role of the course leader is to act as a facilitator for the session.

Our objective is to train and equip facilitators who can use the course material to empower other leaders.


What is the duration of each module?

The duration of each module is flexible.  We suggest that the module is completed in one two hour session; however, the course content can be extended to allow active group participation.


Who should attend the module?

We recommend that leaders and potential leaders attend these modules. We prefer to limit the number to 25 in order to facilitate active group participation.


What is the cost of each module?

We offer a flexible fee structure.

Our preferred charge is $75 per person with group charge for 25 of $1500.

We are willing to adjust this to suit the financial means of your church or organization.


Are you available to conduct these modules overseas?

Yes, depending on our schedule we are happy to travel overseas to conduct this training. Please email your inquiry and we will let you know of our availability.







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